CRS 414 Lecture 1: CRS414 lecture one notes

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CRS 414
Communication and Gender
Fall 2016: Introduction to CRS/WGS
Dr. Rand
Lecture #1 Notes:
Important Concepts:
o “The approach we take to gender and sex urges you to see gender and sex as
something you can do, not something you are,” pg.13
o Imagining gender in a variety of ways
o “Communication creates gender, gender does not create communication.” pg.21
there are differences, but communication tells us what and how to think of
these differences
Medicalizing Gender
o Medicine and “testing” sex
o 3 Ways:
o biology and medicine cannot be separated from culture
Class Reading Discussion
o “Went Home with a Lesbian”
fluctuating presentation
identifying as a gay man
understanding identity:
“end up marrying a man”
culturally “a gay black man”
women don’t turn his head like men
o exceptions: butch and androgynous women
says he presents femininely at times
discusses lesbian and trans male identities
“Discriminatory Hair Policy” Presentation
o Zulaikha Patel
South Africa
Patel was forced to transfer high schools three times because of her hair
Body policing
Dress code issues:
Pointed at women and black people
Further examples: black men and pants-sagging
Intersections of gender, race, and class
Discussion Questions
o Similar policies in the United States?
o Examples of how policies target specific identities?
o Policies in the work place?