CRS 414 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Pansexuality, Polysexuality, Polyamory

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CRS 414
Communication and Gender
Fall 2016: Introduction to CRS/WGS
Dr. Rand
Lecture #3 Notes:
o Asexuality
A person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction
Scale: grey-ace
o Demisexual
Only experiencing sexual attraction to people you are in a close
relationship with
o Panromantic
Attraction to others several genders
Related terms:
o Polyamory
Having multiple romantic relationships with all partners aware
Trans Bodies and identities
o “Restroom Revolutionaries”
politics of gendered bathrooms
Genderqueer and disability coalition
“people in search of safe and accessible restrooms”
Gender and Language
o “Talking Back”
Bell Hooks
Silence as speech
“moving from silence to speech”
Oppressed groups and their methods of speaking
Speech as “a gesture of defiance that heals”
How groups are oppressed through language
Silenced groups talk back
“speak out against oppression
“the liberated voices”
o Naming
Nubility titles
Mr., Mrs., Ms.
Women taking their husband’s last name after marriage
De-naturalizing Gender
o Methods:
New language and practices
Ex. They/them pronouns
Making space for oppressed groups to speak
“Why I Call Myself A Faggot” by Steel
o reclaiming “faggot”
o resignification