Anatomy & Physiology of the Hearing Mechanism

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Communication Sci & Disorders
CSD 212

-Anatomy of the ear -Outer ear: pinna (auricle) to tympanic membrane (eardrum) -Middle ear: tympanic membrane to vestibule -Inner ear: vestibule to cranial nerve VIII (auditory nerve) -Outer ear -Pinna -Composed of skin over cartilage -Concha -- depressed part inside -Helix -- little bony wall thing -Antihelix -- inside of the little bony wall thing -Lobule -- ear lobe -Tragus -- bony bump -External auditory meatus (ear canal) -Long and narrow -Leads to ear drum -Walls of outer 1/2 supported by cartilage -Inner 1/2 bony canal walls -Houses ceruminous glands -Cerumen (ear wax) -Functions of OE -Protects delicate deeper structures -Amplifies high freq. sounds -Aids in localization of sound -Middle ear -Tympanic Membrane (ear drum) -Laterally, continuous w/ skin of canal -Medially, cont. w/ mucosal lining of middle ear -Cone of light -- no fluid behind ear -Ossicles bridge outer & inner ear -Malleus (hammer) -Comes in contanct with TM -Umbo = pt of attachment -Incus (anvil) -Middle ossicle -Stapes (stirrup) -Base (footplate) sits in oval window, sends energy into IE -Eustachian tube -Mucosal lined tupe from nasopharync to base of ME -Opens by yawning, coughing, valsalva (pinch nose and exhale) -Pressure regulation
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