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COM107--Media Introduction

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COM 107
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COM107: Media Introduction 8/29/2013 8:36:00 AM What is Media?  The storage and transmission channels or tools used to store and deliver information or data o Media Content vs. Media Technology o Invention vs. Convention  Invention of TV vs Genres, programs, our definition of TV outside of the box o Different from Interpersonal Communication- one subject as opposed to Mass Media  Examples of “Media” o Newspaper, television, internet, magazines, radio, social networking, film/movies, podcasts, books, etc, etc o Media vs. Mediums—channel through which the content is provided o What is the first influence of “media”?  What is the role of mass media? How do you use it? o Information, Entertainment, Escapism, Social Connections  Why do we need to study media? o We need to be media literate o Media is a learning experience o Media is a business  Traditional Digital 1. Disney 1. Amazon 2. Time Warner 2. Apple 3. NewsCorp (FOX) 3. Facebook 4. Viacom (CBS) 4. Google 5. GE/Comcast/AT&T 5. Microsoft (NBC/Universal)  Clear Channel  Gannett  Vodafone/Verizon (click link in ppt) Eras of Communication  Oral Communication o Information passed interpersonally o Issues of message con
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