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Lecture 16

ETS 154 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Stranger Than Paradise, Eszter Balint, Digital DistributionPremium

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English Textual Studies
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ETS 154

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October 24, 2016
Post-Theatrical Markets, Globalization & Independence
(Week 9)
Stranger Than Paradise (Jim Jormusch, 1984)
Independent Film
-Shot in B&W with static camera and comprised of 67 long takes, each separated by black
-Narrative follows 3 act structure, but how is it still different from classical narratives?
-Cost $100,000, grossed $2.5 mil at box-office (opened door for American Independent
Cinema of 80s and 90s
Global Interests
-Dialogue spoke in English and Hungarian, funds came from German backers, style
influence by European and Japanese filmmakers
-Eszter Balint (Eva) is Hungarian born performer
-Screened at International Film Festival (Netherlands), Sundance (Utah) and Cannes
Post Theatrical Markets
-Less than 20% film revenues have come from theatrical market since 1995- most profits are to
be made in the post-theatrical (ancillary) market:
Network TV since 1960s
US home video and pay-TV since early 1980s
Digital distribution via DVD and the Internet since the 90s (Blu-ray and online streaming
services today)
-The horizontal integration of the film industry and influence of ‘high concept’ practices have
made films only 1 part in a chain of goods to service as the ‘multipler of other tie-in products
that give films a post theatrical ‘afterlife’ and brand identity:
Books (including comic books/graphic novels)
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find more resources at
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