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Lecture 12

ETS 154 Lecture 12: Postwar Cinema 1948-1968 (Late Studio Period) (Week 7 pt 1)

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English Textual Studies
ETS 154

find more resources at October 10, 2016 Postwar Cinema 1948-1968 (Late Studio Period) (Week 7 pt 1) Bonnie & Clyde (Arthur Penn, 1967) Drive-ins, Roadshows, & Teenpix - As four walled, “hard-top” movie houses were closing, drive-in theaters were opening at the same rate to attract suburban families and a younger, more mobile audience • In the 1950s, 7 years of adolescence (13-19) were identified for the first time as a specific demographic for the manufacture and merchandising of consumer goods: the teenage market was born • Hollywood first conceived of its teen audiences as a subculture, targeting it with low budget “teenpix” or teenage exploitation films that capitalized on the popularity of rock n’roll and young celebrities, as well as social concerns over juvenile delinquency - Moviegoers also could pay higher admission prices for reservations seats at “roadshows” which ran at a limited number of showings (usu. 2 a day) at elected theaters before nationwide general release Rise of Independent Filmmaking and TV Production - Independent producers were often former studio employees, freed from long term studio contracts and seeking tax advantages that came from operating the
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