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Egypt to the 2nd Intermediate Period

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HST 210
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-Old Kingdom (~2680-2180 BCE) -Enviro.: Egypt & Mesopot. -Egypt develops slightly later than Sumeria -Sahara only becomes desert after 5000 BCE , forming Nile into current course -Desert, Sudd marshes = natural defense -Nile = "friendlier" than Tigris & Euphrates -Current S=>N, winds N=>S -Regular flooding -Natural flood basins, little salinization -Poli. unification of Egypt ~310BCE -Narmer = 1st pharaoh -God-king; theocratic totalitarianism -Power center in Lower Egypt (north): Memphis -Regional districts (nomes) ruled by nomarchs -Egyptian relig. -Osiris, Isis, Seth, Horus (Abydos) -Living pharaoh = Horus; dead pharaoh = Osiris -Changelessness, permanence, immortality of pharaoh -Preserver of ma'at (order, harmony, truth) -Ka: vital self; ba: indiv. self; akh: transcendent spirit -Mummification: ka & ba still need body -Pyramids built during Old Kingdom -Judging of the dead -- Egyptian Book of the Dead -Pharaonic power: pyramids -Earlier mortuary complexes = mastaba -2600-2300 BCE -Khufru built Great Pyramids @ Giza (near Memp
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