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Panhellenism & Athenian Greek Culture

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HST 210
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-Greek colonization & Panhellenic sites -Extensive colonization of Mediter. littoral -Relations of mother-city & colony -Athens claimed to be "mother-city" of Ionian Greeks -Greek intellectual developments & colonization -Milesian philosophers & nat. sci. -Lyric poetry -- Sappho -Autobiographical voices -Western philosophers & ?s of being & reality -Most cultural development on periphery -Colonies independent-ish -Exposed to more variety of peoples -Greek identity & Panhellenic forces -Homeric poems -- Iliad & Odyssey -Common lang. -- dialect diff. -Common relig. -- Olympian Gods -Oracular sites -- Delphi, Dodona -Panhellenic Games -- Olympia, Nemea, Pythia, Isthmia -Counter-force to Panhellenism: rise of Athens -Athens as hero of Persian Wars -Alliance => empire -Political domination & Athenian culture -Imperial hub, cultural magnet -Development of tragedy & comedy -Sophistic mvmt -Sophia = wisdom -Sophistes = wise man
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