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Augustus & the Pax Romana

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HST 210
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-Aftermath of Ides -Liberators vs. Caesarians -Octavian, Marc Antony = Ceasarian leaders -Second Triumvirate = Octavian + Anton + Lepidus -Cicero’s Philippics & murder -Cicero chose the wrong side — in favor of Caesar’s assassination -Very very anti-Antony -Caesarians defeat Brutus & Cassius @ Philippi in Macedonia, 42 BCE -Antony in East, Octavian in Italy -Toward renewal of Civil War -Antony abandons Octavia for Cleopatra VII of Egypt -Retirement of Lepidus -Propaganda wars btwn Octavian & Antony -Antony: "I'm Dionysus" -Octavian: “Antony’s not really Roman" -Battle @ Actium, 31 BCE -Marcus Agrippa, general -Agrippa + Octavius defeat Antony + Cleopatra -Octavian = Augustus -Born 63 BCE -Divi filius (“son of a god”) -Caesar seen as a god -Caesar adopted Octavian -Therefore… -Consul 31-23 BCE -Settlement of 27BCE & 23 BCE -Rewriting constitution, basically -27: Symbolically returns control to Senate, people -27: 10-year imperium over super-province of Egypt, Gaul, Spain, Syria -27: known as Augustus, “Princeps,” “Pater Patriae” -23: resigns consulship -23: control over elections -23: appointments of generals, legates -23: given power greater than proconsul, tribune powers -Beneficiaries of Pax Romana -Roman plebs: “bread & circuses” -Senatorial aristo.: preservation of republican trappings, traditional honors -Equestrians: secure trade, markets empire-wide -Partisan
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