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Rise of Macedonia

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-Greek poleis in crises -Devastation of Pelopon. War (431-404 BCE) -Disrupted econ. & stasis -Conflict btwn aristocrats & democrats -Renewed warfare -- Athens, Sparta, Thebes, Corinth, Argos… -Disastrous Spartan hegemony -Mercenary warfare -Peltasts as "soldiers of fortune" -Iphicrates of Athens -Irresponsible Spartan foreign policy -Harmosts (Spartan overseers) -Decharchies (pro-Spartan councils of 10) -Early 4th cent.BCE -Asia Minor Greeks prefer Persia -Corinthian War -- everyone + Persia vs Sparta -King's Peace, 386 BCE -Treaty btwn Sparta & Persia -Leagues of poleis prohibited -Asia Minor Greeks to Persians -Spartan abuses & growing Greek resistance -Spartan occupation of Kadmeia, Thebes, 382 BCE -Thebes liberated w/ Athenian assistance, 379 BCE -Spartan commander Sphodrias' attach on Piraeus of Athens, 378 BCE -2nd Athenian League, 377 BCE -Decree of Aristoteles -2nd Athenian League -Proposed by Aristoteles -All allies = indep., autonomous, no magistrates, no tributes -No cleruchies (confiscation of land for mili. colonies) -League policy -Athenian assembly (ekklesia) -Assemby of allies (synedrion) -Syntaxeis ("contributions") finance League operations -Thebes after
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