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Dissolution of the Roman Republic

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HST 210
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-Conservative retrenchment in aftermath of Gracchi -Occupation of ager publicus -Thorian Law, 118 BCE -Agrarian Law, 111 BCE -Socio-econ. & mili. recruitment crises continue -Populares vs. optimates -Fans of Gracchi vs. ultraconservatives -Marius’ mili. successes & successive consulships -Appt. of Marius to consulship -Eliminates property req’ment for army service -Takes care of soldiers himself -Personal army: soldiers’ allegiance to him, not state -Receives surrender of King Jugurtha of Numidia -Defeats Cimbri & Teutons -Land grants in Africa for discharged veterans -Tribune Saturninus -Italian question & Social War, 91-88BCE -Tribunate of M. Livius Drusus, 91BCE -Proposes Roman citizenship to all Italian allies -Assassinated —> Italians rebel -East: Mithridates VI of Pontos -Competition for Bithynia as client state -Invades Asia Minor & Greece -Slaughter of 80,000 Roman/Italian businessmen -Occupation of Athens, 88 BCE -Factional struggle in Rome for Mithridatic command -Who gets the glory of going to fight him? -Marius? L. Cornelius Sulla? -Sulla awarded command -Sulpicius Rufus proposes transfer of command to Marius -Sulla’s march on Rome, 88BCE -Sulla’s march -Mlight of Marius -Sulla wins command -Marius & Cinna retake Rome -Proscriptions: a list of people to kill (Sullans) -Sulla’s return & dictatorship -Battle @ Colline Gate -Proscriptions & confiscations -Deadly formula -Unprecedented, unconstitutional measures -Marius’ consecutive consulships -Sulla’s
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