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HTW 221

• The most common lifetime diagnoses in the American Indian populations were alcohol dependence, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and major depressive episode • After differences in demographic variables were accounted for, both American Indian samples were at heightened risk for PTSD and alcohol dependence but at lower risk for major depressive episode, compared with the NCS sample • American Indian men were more likely than those in NCS to seek help for substance use problems from specialty providers • American Indian women were less likely to talk to nonspecialty providers about emotional problems • Help-seeking from traditional healers was common in both American Indian populations and was especially common in the Southwest. • American Indian populations had comparable, and in some cases greater, mental health service needs, compared with the general population of the United States. SOURCE: • Population: 4.1 million, 1.5% of U.S population • 2/3 live in urban, suburban, or rural non-reservation areas • 1/3 live on reservations • 564 federally recognized tribes • more likely to live in poverty- over twice as manyAI/ANs live in poverty than total US population • twice the rate of violent victimization ofAfricanAmericans and 2.5 times that of whites • research on mental health amongAI/ANs is limited by small pop and by its heterogeneity • physical complaints and psychological concerns aren’t distinguished • may express emotional distress in ways that aren’
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