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Health and Wellness
HTW 303

Public Health andAging Population 11/20/13 Demographics Public Health Challenges • Ensuring quality health services for the elderly • Caregiver issues and strain • Maintaining quality of life • Injury prevention Ensuring Health Services • Less than 50% of those over 65 receive the recommended core clinical health services • Increase the number of health providers trained in elder care Caregiver Issues and Strain • Caregivers are often unpaid family members o Monetary ‘costs’include- lost time at work and the purchase of incidentals and OTC medications • Stress & Strain o Leading cause of long-term care placement o Growing concerns with elder abuse • Need for affordable or Medicare covered services to provide daycare and respite care Quality of Life • Impacted by illness, chronic disease and disability • Which in turn, impact on their abilities to maintain independence and life in their home and community • Need for affordable and/or Medicare covered services to support independent living in the community Chronic Disease, Impact • Causes 7/10 deaths each year o Heart disease, cancer, and stroke alone cause more than 50% of all deaths/yr • In 2008, 107 millionAmericans- almost ½ adults age 18 and older- had at least 1/6 reported chronic illnesses: • Affects older adults disproportionately • Contributes to o Disability o Diminished quality of life o Increased health and long-term care costs • Places high demands on public health systems • Causes major limitations in daily living for almost 1/10Americans or about 25 million people • Although chronic diseases are among most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable o Adopting healthy behaviors such a eating health foods, being active, avoiding tobacco use can prevent or control effects of many diseases Public Health Mandate • Must respond to: o Growing burden of chronic illness, injuries and disabilities o Increasing concerns about future care-giving and health care costs o Improving overall health of elders through preventive health services CDC: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion • Research to better understand ca
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