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Lecture 5

IST 233 Lecture 5: 4:5:17 IST 233 M001 Molta

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Information Studies
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IST 233
David Molta

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4/5/17 • Anatomy of an IP Address • IP address size o IPv4 addresses are 32 bits o IPv6 addresses are 128 bits • IP addresses are hierarchical, MAC addresses are not • o 128.171 = network part o 12 = subnet part o 13 = host part • L2 switching vs L3 routers o Ethernet switches ▪ Frame forwarding decisions are based on destination mac addresses. Every switch needs to store every mac address on the network ▪ Switching is fast and cheap. However it isn't very scalable, it lacks inherent redundancy and it is not application aware o IP routers ▪ Routers focus on interconnecting networks not individual hosts, using a dynamic mesh topology with alternate paths ▪ Routers have more visibility into packets including port addresses, define applications which allows for greater control ▪ Routers are arranged in a mesh with multiple routes between hosts
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