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Lecture 4

IST 233 Lecture 4: 4:12:17 IST 233 M001 Molta

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Syracuse University
Information Studies
IST 233
David Molta

4/12/17 SU Network, the early days, when I arrived • Less than 1000 computers on SU network, but we still wanted subnets for each building. • Subnet Strategy: KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) • We have fewer than 256 buildings, so let’s use the third octet for subnet address and use the fourth octet for host addresses • This allows for up to 256 subnets with 254 hosts on each subnet (256*254=65,024 hosts) Life got more complex as the network grew • Need for small server subnets and large resnet subnets • SU currently employs “variable length subnet masks” Public Addresses • IPv4 public address space is assigned by ISPs and ICANN • Hosts with public addresses are directly reachable over the Internet (e.g., you can usually ping these addresses) • Organizations are running out of public address space, global Internet, more users with more devices Private Addresses • 10.x.x.x; 192.168.x.x; 172.16.x.x - 172.31.x.s • Private addresses are not globally unique so they are not directly addressable over the Internet • Private addresses require NAT to access Internet The Magic of NAT/NAPT • Allows multiple IP Hosts using private network addresses to share a single public address
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