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Lecture 3

IST 233 Lecture 3: 4:26:17

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Information Studies
IST 233
David Molta

4/26/17 Chapter 11 Networked Applications Networked Application Architecture • Application Functions o 1. Client application interface o 2. Business logic (functionality) o 3. Back-end database • Application Architecture o Networked applications are “distributed” across multiple “tiers of service” with network connect points or application interfaces o The application architecture defines how/where these connect points take place o Some are standards-based, some are proprietary o Common Networked Applications • Electronic mail o ◦Uses simple protocols & request-response design o ◦Implementation architectures vary, 2-tier and 3-tier • Web Services o Uses HTTP for “transport” of web page elements & HTML for web page composition o May use embedded application services like Javascript • Voice-over IP o Uses SIP for call management o Uses codecs and P2P for message exchange Email Content and Delivery • E-Mail message format/content standards o Message format/content standards define the structure of e-mail messages. o RFC 822/2822, HTML, UNICODE, MIME are message format standards. • E-Mail delivery standards. o Application delivery/transport standards (SMTP, POP, IMAP) control how e-mail clients and servers communicate. o TCP and IP for reliable routing and transport of e-mail packets. E-Mail Standards: SMTP
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