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Lecture 13

IST 233 Lecture 13: IST 233 M001 3:6:17

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Information Studies
IST 233
David Molta

IST 233 M001 3617 Structured Cabling Systems Most network problems are associated with physical layer cabling issues Structured cabling systems Combination of unshielded twistedpair (UTP) and fiber optic cables Wellstructured and organized wiring closets house network devices, mostly switches Patchpanels are used to terminate connections and connect to network devices. Network Cable Options Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) UTP is cheap and reliable Cable runs are limited to 100 meters may not support the highest speeds defined by standards Fiber More expensive to purchaseterminate Cable runs can be much longer Supports the highest speeds defined by standards No electromagnetic interference Optical Fiber Transmission Two types of fiber cabling Singlemode fiber has (potentially) more speed and can travel longer distances Multimode fiber is less expensive but distance is shorter and maximum speed may be lower. At SU, we usually pull a combination of singlemode and multimode fiber. Fiber cables run through underground conduits into every building Hub sites around campus allow any two buildings to be interconnected Layer 2 Frames Packets at the data link layer are called frames Ethernet and WiFi frames have similarities and differences The frame format describes the fields and field offsets in the frame. Ethernet has lower frame overhead than WiFi because there are fewer fields in the frame header. Ethernet Frame Types Ethernet version II IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Addresses 3 Classes of Ethernet addresses
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