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Lecture 18

IST 233 Lecture 18: IST 233 M001 Molta 3:8

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Information Studies
IST 233
David Molta

IST 233 M001 Molta 382017 VLANs are used for several purposes o To segment a single switch into multiple logical switches (eg. SU data center) o To create a single LAN that spans multiple buildings (eg. VPA) o To create distinct security domains (eg. AirOrange) o Technically, VLANs subdivide a switchs broadcast domain Wireless Networks Chapter 6 Wireless LANs and WiFi (unlicensed bands) o Consumers love Wifi, part of the checklist for selecting a hotel o Companies are spending more on WLANs than wired LANs o Wifi is replacing Ethernet as the dominant network LAN access technology Wireless MANsWANs and LTE (licensed bands) o Smartphones are driving the cellular data market o Industry is addressing capacity issues, more spectrum, enhanced LTE, Wifi offload, LTEU o Enterprises are facing mobility and BYOD opportunities and challenges Technical Perspective on WIFI o Wireless RF medium is downright hostile! Systems must be designed to overcome the many problems with wireless data transmission Licensed radio interface is manageable but unlicensed radio interference is a little scary o Network standards drive market adoption Before IEEE 802.11, WLANs were very expensive, a niche technology popular in a limited number of vertical markets Standards stimulated development of WiFi Chipsets, leading to competition, lower costs, ubiquitous service RD leads to new breakthroughs, which are incorporated into revised standards, the socalled 802.11 alphabet soup (802.11A, 802.11 B etc..) WiFi markets and use cases o SOHO LANs Full coverage of home with one AP, single IP SUBnet, emergence of mesh products Need: Enough capacity for multiple HD video streams Enterprise WLANs o Moving from convenience to missioncritical o Moving from coverageoriented to capacityoriented designs Service Provider and Venue WLANs o Cellular offload (ATT) and service bundling (Time Warner), desire to attract and retain customers o Convenience service to customers Radio Frequency (RF) as a Digital Communications Medium o With Ethernet, variations in electrical and optical signals are used to represent 1s and 0s o With Wifi, variations in frequency, phase and amplitude of RF waves
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