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Syracuse University
Information Studies
IST 346
Stephen Rieks

Rajah K. Goodrich II 1/30/14 IST 346 Rieks 1. What is an Operating Systems Shell? It is a software component that gives the user an interface to multiple operating system functions and services. 2. What are the advantages and drawbacks of a Command‐Line Shell? Some advantages of using the cmd line is that users have much more control of their operating system, It allows you to navigate faster when trying to execute a task. Some of the drawbacks of the cmd line is that it isn’t easy to learn for new users because it requires a lot of memorizations. Also even though the command line is able to multi-taks it is hard to keep of track of what you’re doing. 3. What are the advantages and drawbacks of a Graphical Shell? Some advantages of the GUI is that it allows for new users to be able to navigate around the operating system with ease. It also allows for a user to be able to multi-task a lot more efficiently. Some of the drawbacks are that it doesn’t offer as much control over the OS like the command line. Another drawback is that it isn’t as fast as the cmd line.\ 4. Which shell is the better shell CLI or GUI? The Command Line Shell is a lot better than the GUI. 5. What is the name of the primary GUI shell in Windows? It is Windows Shell. 6. What are the two major GUI shells in Linux? Gnome and KDE 7. Why do operating systems need to be patched? It is important to update/patch your operating system because it will fix problems, update a computer program or its data, it could also fix security vulnerabilities along with make
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