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Lecture 6

IST 352 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Data Redundancy, Value Chain, Systems Analysis

Information Studies
Course Code
IST 352

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IST 352
***NOTE: Last few classes have been spent interviewing and doing individual work
Identifying and Selecting Systems Development Projects
Three main steps:
1. Identifying potential development projects
2. Classifying and ranking IS development projects
3. Selecting IS development projects
The Process of Identifying and Selecting IS Development Projects
1. Identifying potential development projects
o Identification from a stakeholder group
Each stakeholder group brings their own perspective and motivation
to the IS decision.
o Top-down source are projects identified by top management or by a diverse
steering committee.
o Bottom-up source are project initiatives stemming from managers, business
units, or the development group.
o The process varies substantially across organizations.
2. Classifying and ranking IS development projects
o Using value chain analysis or other evaluation criteria
o Value chain analysis: Analyzing an organization’s activities to determine
where value is added to products and/or services and the costs incurred for
doing so; usually also includes a comparison with the activities, added value,
and costs of other organizations for the purpose of making improvements in
the organization’s operations and performance
o Getting the most bang for your buck
3. Selecting IS development projects
o Based on various factors
o Both short- and long-term projects considered
o Most likely to achieve business objectives selected
o A very important and ongoing activity
Deliverables and Outcomes
Primary deliverable from the first part of the planning phase is a schedule of specific
IS development projects.
Outcome of the next part of the planning phaseproject initiation and planningis
the assurance that careful consideration was given to project selection and each
project can help the organization reach its goals.
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