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Language Acquisition 1

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-Full understanding of acquisition would answer questions about -Ling. universals -Range of possible human lang. -Nature of ling. rules -Lang. & the brain -Lang. acq. = child learning 1st lang. -Lang. acq. =/= adult 2nd lang. acq. -1st/native lang. = L1 -Any lang. learned as a child -Can have multiple L1s -Any lang. learned later in life = L2 -Doesn't matter what number it really is -Spanish & Italian are both L2s for me -Children master lang., no matter the difficulty -Adults almost never do (accents) -L1 vs L2 processes differ -L1 is natural, L2 is (usually) from specialized input -L1 is passive, L2 is active -Diff. in brain func.? -Lang. acq. is the hardest thing we ever have to do academically -But you don't remember learning L1 -Babies have something in their brain to help them along -Don't start from scratch -Fundamental Difference Hypothesis -Children acq. L1 in a way that is fund. diff. than an adult acq. L2 -Diff. stages of acq. -Babbling -Errors & correction -Kids make overgeneralization errors -Adults get interference from 1st/2nd lang
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