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Lecture 28

MAT 122 Lecture 28: Milk Example

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Syracuse University
MAT 122

Milk. Example Brand 1,357. by Brand 2 and 20' Mtice that the hle for long dorm trend says hotning ont what the fir reuar Markovcnain the lang term Trend duct not durchd on the s. No matter han You Stakt cvt im the run tre same pa ce 0,3 Absovona Marka Chains Dchniton. Astate in a Marka Cuain r, an absoMarna state onco Sent ent that State H can never can reun" an state turn the transit on as follows: State i absorb if t has a 1 In the ith t sition 20 vus elsewhere. Definition of Absorbing Marka Chain: A Marvo Chain is an abs Markov Chain ord y ut it sho the foilor in the de dit l. It has at least one atstvb State 1. s possible to get fam and In more than one step Examples state 3 absubi UN can never from 1 Dr to 3 Nut an aka Chain State 19 absurb o I Can from 1 to 3 O Can go hum 2 3 Chain lo ho a sorbling state not an atsaking chan
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