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Lecture 4

MAT 485 Lecture 4: MAT 485 Ch.3.5-3.6 Lecture Note

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MAT 485
Dan Coman

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28 subs paces--(AoHw en玉.detheestainaL ( Lty: u.ty,stat yr +-ナk-tyndCadd tion - standard da,ehr- _cXu) stcarolard-allchrait CLXty).-0Cxcyy,ナχ *T_ntyみ kadw,ccesty J _cs.tcy圠.cxt-chr-war ) t 44++Cyu Lusatorell t 요 sd R" that stan-u2em veeeyc → and suchthek are-ins, eRthi-xtysL.aパー ー2) s: poets ntine yextl ,土-ectar...bspi-ce-ヰ.cantiniausイー-Lata-in utby )고 laa0A) t ( o. nao)ミLea Lat.) Given iー义ーーーーーーーーー.ctweasrs in-A2) .cod--CAntaぇtutCiヱ. Gia.s,cksca Laus.a ancestors & Spank_-... ーea 놋:4ーーーー C Span is 01ーナー-Plane-is thath spit fthrow Line wars 28 subs paces -- ( AoHw en 玉 .detheestainaL ( Lty : u.ty , stat yr + - ナ k - tyndCadd tion - standard da , ehr- _cXu ) stcarolard - allchrait CLXty ) .- 0Cxcyy , ナ χ * T_nty み kadw , ccesty J _cs.tcy 圠 .cxt - chr - war ) t 44 ++ Cyu ) Lusatorell t 요 sd R " that stan - u2em veeeyc → and suchthek are - ins , eRthi - xtysL.a パー ー 2 ) s : poets ntine yextl , 土 -ectar ... bspi - ce- ヰ .cantiniaus イー -Lata - in utby - thLelu ) 고 laa0A ) t ( o . nao ) ミ Lea Lat . ) Given i ー 义 ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー .ctweasrs in - A2 ) .cod -- CAnta ぇ tutCi ヱ . Gia.s , cksca Laus.a ancestors & Spank _ - ... ー ea 놋 : 4 ーーーー C Span is 01 ーナー -Plane - is thath spit fthrow Line warsu un are independent if system has only strival sol ,cro, cao u us are dependent. matrix invertible sustem has only 2ero sd.saon REEF Vectors
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