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PHI 192
Ben Bradley

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April 10 Lecture Notes PHI 192 Kant’s Formula of Humanity Amusement Park Argument 1. If FUL is true, then Kris’s act is morally wrong. 2. Kris’s act is not morally wrong. 3. Therefore, FUL is not true. • Objections: to 2: it is morally wrong because it is motivated by self-interest o To 1: if you press the person for a deeper maxim, it may be more general and be morally permissible • General issue with Formula of Universal Law: how specific or general is a maxim supposed to be? Kant’s second version of the Categorical Imperative: The Formula of Humanity • “So act that you use humanity… always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means” o Rational beings deserve to be an end in and
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