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Survey Research & Self-Report

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PSY 313

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-Surveys -Instead of observing behavior, just ask -Survey structure (rules of thumb) -Open w/ non-threatening, interesting Q -Good place for open-ended Q -Remember respondent will be reacting to Qs -Push polling (asking leading Qs) -General Qs before specific ones -Routine demographics @ end -Open-ended vs. restricted-choice Qs -Like short-answer vs. multiple-choice -Or a conversation vs. player talking to NPC -Open-ended -Time consuming to answer/decode -If Q is controversial, participant may not answer -Allows exploration of topic -Answer not biased by set of options -Responders can provide the answer they want -Restricted -Quick & easy to analyse -Quantitative data -Answer biased by set of options -Hard to design -Respon
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