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Personality Psych

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PSY 393

Biological Approach IIBiological StructuresSystems and PersonalityChapter 8Studying the BrainBrain Damage Studies oLesions RatsVentromedial hypothalamus eating habitsoTold you when to stop eatingRat never felt full and got fat oCase StudyPhineus GageDont damage brain but find cases where brain has been damaged and ask what happenedGage was a railroad construction foremanAn 1848 explosion forced a steel tamping rod through his head did not die miracleOthers said he was no longer GageIrrelevant impatient emotion life flattened at last job worked as a sideshow exhibitLost his job worked as a sideshow exhibitBrain StimulationoBejjani et al 1999depressed symptomsoStimulate a part of the brain and see what happens rare cases when person has severe symptoms and needs to be diagnosed helps find depressed symptomsBrain ImagingoObserve its function directlyEEG PET Scans fMRI etcThree Factor ModelRecall Positive Temperament ExtraversionoWillingness to engage environmentNegative Temperament Neuroticism oSeeing the world as threatening problematicDisinhibition vs ConstraintoTendency to behave impulsively vs controlledEysenck Extraversion and the ARAS Ascending Reticular Activating SystemoBasic DefinitionBrain stemActivateDeactivate cerebral cortex Regulate amount of sensory info Differences in Extraverts vs IntrovertsoIntrovertsaroused easilyoExtraverts not easily arousedEmpirical EvidenceoNot baseline but arousabilityoLemon Juice TestDrop of lemon juice on tongue and measure how much saliva you produce
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