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PSY 393

1Psychoanalytic Approach IIAnxietyDefinitionoUnpleasant Aversive inner state that people seek to avoid or escapeoFreud argues that it comes from our own mind and also from the external worldFunctionoWarning signal that something isnt right in the world or our mindTypes of AnxietyoObjective ie RealityResponse to real external threatNegative arousalShould we distort the anxiety so we can be less anxiousModern research says yes we shouldoWe are happier and healthier peopleoDepressed people are not good at distorting itFreudNOoIf youre experiencing anxiety there is a problem and other issuesoYou have to address the issues that make you stressedoNeuroticIdEgo conflictWhat happens when they are battlingThe ego worries about letting too much of the Id desires into realityFear of expressing unacceptable impulseIf you like your co worker your ego is going to stress about what would happen if that were to happenoMoralEgoSuperego conflictThe ego is worried about letting the superego downSuperego is all about not violating moralsFear of violating moral codeDefense MechanismsDefinitionoTools used by ego to keep anxiety within tolerable rangesPathwayoIntrapsychic conflict between id ego and superegoAnxietyreliance on defense mechanismsCharacteristicsoDistortions of reality Look at a situation in a way that isnt exactly truthful but it helps us deal with itDistortions of unconscious motivationoOperate unconsciously DenialoNot accepting the reality of unpleasant facts or feelingsoRefuses to acknowledge the source of the anxietyoDenying that it actually happenedoIt didnt happen I am not attracted to himoYou will eventually have to deal with it but for now it didnt happenRepressionoNot permitting unpleasant or threatening idea memory id impulse etc to be perceived consciously
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