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Personality Psych

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PSY 393

Chapter9BiologicalApproachBehavioralGeneticsandEvolutionaryPsychology1Introduction to Biological ApproachBiological CreaturesoWe are animalsTwo main areas of Biological ApproachoGenetic Determinates of PersonalityBehavioral GeneticsEvolutionary Psychology all life has undergone a changeoComplex Biological Systems producing Human BehaviorWhat does the structure of the brain tell us about human behaviorTo what degree is personality a matter of chemistryPersonality and ConstitutionConnecting our personality to the physical makeup of our bodiesHippocrates and GalenGreek PhysiciansoHippocratesBrain was responsible for our thoughts and behaviorsUnable to place the sourceoGalen500 years laterFOUR HUMORS Humorbodily fluid believed to produce a particular behavioral traitThese humors cause temperamentsFour Temperamentspersonality stylesNatural outcome of your compositionoHow humors are balancedoDo not choose or decidePhrenology Franz Joseph GalloPersonality traits were located in specific parts of the brainoStudy irregularities of peoples external skulls and relate these to psychological characteristicsDeficits and abilities would show in the skulloEEG studies ModernSearch for electrical patterns within personalityMore electrical activity in certain regions depending on personality typeTemperament ModelTemperament oStable behavioral dispositions that are present at birthoBabies arent born with major personalities but they are born with something
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