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Personality Psych

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PSY 393

Learning ApproachOverview of Approach Behavior changes as a result of experienceBasic AssumptionsPersonality equals behaviorPersonality is learned oLearn what behaviors work for you and you keep doing themPersonality is acquired over time Personality is influenced by external forces oShaped by environmentTypes of Theoriesthe learning based approaches to personality areBehaviorism TheoriesIntroductionoPersonality is the sum of everything we dooDoes not include traits unconscious motivations etcoIf its not observable you shouldnt be measuring itHabituationClassical ConditioningOperant ConditioningoLearned association between behavior and its consequences oBehaviors have good outcomes will be repeated and behaviors with bas outcomes will be distinguishedBehaviorreinforcementincreased chance of repeating behaviorTermsoReinforcement an event that increases the probability that the preceding action will be repeated in the future We are sometimes unaware of their influenceOther times the influence is blatantMore effective than punishmentoPunishment an event that decreases the probability that the preceding action will be repeated in the future Control behaviormake it stopNot uaually done properlyoPositive something is presentedaddedoNegative something is removedsubtractedReinforcementPunishmentIncrease BehaviorDecrease BehaviorAdd StimulusPositive reinforcementPositive punishment adding painspankingRemove StimulusNegative reinforcementNegative punishment take awayno TVBF Skinner 19041990 oShapingRewarding successively closer approximations of a desired behavior Useful for teaching new behaviors Baby stepsExamples
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