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Personality Psych

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PSY 393

1Phenomenological Approach IIPositive Psychological FunctioningDimensions of wellbeingoSelfacceptanceUnconditional positive regardoPositive relations with othersoEnvironmental masteryHaving a goal and achieving themUnderstanding the world around you stability within the environmentoAutonomySense of independence and free willYounger much less then when youre olderoPurpose in lifeFeeling that you contribute something to the worldoPersonal growthLearn new things and take on new challengesSubjective Well Being IntroductionRelationship to phenomenological ApproachoIndividuals experienceHow you perceive your world how you perceive your outcomesall of that influences your happinessoPositive psychology movementA satisfying and meaningful like involves happiness but that true happiness comes from overcoming challenges sense of accomplishmentSimilar to Existential idea of Optimistic toughnessHappiness oHow happy are weOn a scale between 0 extremely unhappy to 10 extremely happyoDoesnt come from good cars and attractive familyoComes from personal satisfaction and meaning a sense of wellbeingoWho is happyLife periodThere is no differenceGenderThere isnt a differenceWealthCrosscultural studiesoGNP and Satisfaction with lifeWithincultural studiesoPoor vs average and affluentoAverage happiness of rich middle poor and do they differoHappiness has stayed the same
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