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Lecture 9

RES 431 Lecture 9: 9_RES 431 M001 Petrova 2-20-17

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Syracuse University
Real Estate
RES 431
Milena Petrova

RES 431 1232017 9:44:00 PM RES 431 M001 Petrova 22017 [email protected] Lecture Notes 7 Calculating NPV IRR 1 2 3 4 5 Final sell B1 1000000 50000 51500 53045 54636 56275 1200000 B2 500000 35000 36050 37132 38245 39393 600000 I=8 Remember to add the final sell price to the 5 payment PV has to be with a 2 + CF and plug the numbers click NPV insert I=8 and calculate CPT click IRR and calculate CPT Why some investors can have higher value of their real estate? because of the cost ??? Reservation price highest price you can buy or the owner to sell Appraisal follows the market movements. Costar resource in Whitman costs about 100kyear past transaction data of real estate for each one they have 100 different data so you can screen and value the building youre interested in. Sales Comparison Approach Sales Comparison Appraisal Approach Professor used to watch Apprentice tv show gave an example of how condo was turned into a bedroom??? Not clear ??? Property Adjustments:
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