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Social Research

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SOC 101

Soc 101 9/7/11 Social Research  Systematic research  Approaches to research  Research ethics Knowing -How do we know what we know?  Logical deduction: take a piece of information that we know and use it to arrive at a conclusion about something else  Learning from others  Personal experience or observation (older siblings)  Mystical revelation  Instinct  Systematic research: based on scientific observation Systematic Research -Goes beyond person experience and casual observation -Control personal biases (doesn’t totally eliminate) -Collective creation of knowledge – making contribution to specific subject area  Validation across studies -Suited for answering  Empirical questions: can be answered through observation and/or measurement  Interpretive questions: may be answered through empirical evidence that supports a particular interpretation -Being sociologically mindful Know:  You can never possess the absolute, complete truth  All “truths” are partial views Consider:  Other perspectives Continue:  To inquire  To observe  To seek a more complete understanding Soc 101 9/7/11 Approaches to research -Quantitative Methods:  Surveys (ex. census)  Experiments Data:  Numbers (statistics to analyze)  Categories that can be ordered Goals:  Test hypotheses derived from theory  Describe, explain, and evaluate the social world -Qualitative Methods:  Participant observation (field notes)  Intensive interviewin
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