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Race and Ethnic Stratification

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SOC 101

SOC 101 November 7, 2011 Race and Ethnic Stratification Race and Ethnicity  Race o A category of people who have been singled out as inferior or superior, often on the basis of subjectively selected physical attributes  Skin color  Hair texture  Eye shape o Popular conceptions o Biological and social scientific perspectives  Sociology  Socially constructed  “Race is a creation of culture hat reflects social distinctions and power” (p. 345)  Ethnicity o Group distinguished, by others or themselves, on the basis of cultural or national characteristics  Unique cultural traits  Sense of community  Ethnocentrism (belief that ones group is superior to others)  Ascribed membership (born into)  Tendency to occupy a particular geographic area (own nation- state or groups concentrated in specific cities) o Hispanic ethnicity (Spanish speaking origin)  12.5% of total U.S. population  Race identity among Hispanics  48% White race  42% Other race  6% Multiracial  2% Black race Racism  Set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices that is used to justify the different treatment of racial or ethnic groups o Overt versus covert  Overt – more obvious, specific actions  Covert – more subtle, not necessarily public displays of attitudes Prejudice  Attitude based on a faulty generalization about members of a particular group  Can be positive or negative  Rooted in o Ethnocentrism  Tendency to regard one’s own group as superior to other groups o Stereotypes  Overgeneralizations in which individual characteristics are attributed to an entire group Discrimination  Actions of dominant group members (or their representatives) that have a harmful impact on members of a subordinate group  Individual versus institutional Prejudice
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