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Lecture 3

SOC 281 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: White Supremacy, Castration, Eugenics

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SOC 281

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Race- A social construct used to divide human based on physical attributes; color.
Race as a social construct
Scientific argument about race collapsed
But Social construction of race rather than natural differences must be seen as the
source and continued basis of racial categorization
Racial formation: race stands on its own as an amalgamation of competing social forces
Humans produce races
Races constitute an integral part of a social fabric that includes gender and class
Meanings around race change over time
Races are constructed relationally against one another and not in isolation
Meanings Behind Race
Ideologies, Meanings, and Expectations assigned to racial groups
Apply racial meaning to racially unclassified action, item or practice
Race is not a function of skin color alone
Intersections of Race and Gender
Racial Castration: Intersection of race and gender fused together
Eugenics and Motherhood
Science as culture
State sanctioned and coerced sterilization
People with or perceived to have disabilities, bad morals or those who were
simply deemed until to reproduce.
MOtherhood became essential to maintaining white supremacy, the economy,
patriarchy, and privilege
Childrearing national duty and destiny to be mothers of the race which was to
remain all white
More children=more workers
More soldiers to defend the nation
North Carolina sterilized 7,600 people from 1929-1974
California prisons illegally performed forced sterilization on incarcerated women
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