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Lecture 1

SPM 205 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: William Hulbert, Effa Manley, Heraean Games

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Sport Management
Course Code
SPM 205

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Willia Hulert’s Natioal League
Baseball was the first sport to successfully employ a league schedule
National League of Prof. Baseball Players (1876)
William Hulbert
Czar of Baseall
Need to run baseball like a business
Created a league structure with strong rules to enforce team allegiance
Brought referees in
Regular schedule = easier to let people know about the game
What kind of actions did Hulbert take?
Strict enforcement of the league schedule
Structured league to have teams compete with each other, rather than collude
Reduce influence of gambling
Distributed talent through 8 teams
Allowed only one team per city
Not allowed to play independent teams
Reserve system (keeping salary low and roster consistent)
Banned African Americans from playing
Strictly enforcing all rules
Laid out the government structure of pro sports leagues in the US
Professional Tournament sports
What are tournament sports?
Golf, tennis, etc.
How did they begin?
Rooted in the club system
Professional golfers were instructors (or caddies) working for a club
Failed to capture pubic interest and pro golfers (lacking gate revenue)
Fred Corcoran
Architect of the golf tournament
Pitched tournaments as medium through which celebrity, politician, manufacturer,
charity, town, or product can gain exposure
Used athletes and golf tournaments to sell advertising spaces to the public
Sponsorship and charity events
Importance of women in sport
Female sport managers have contributed to the industry
Contributions in ancient times
Heraea games: competition for unmarried girls, administered by women
Contributions in modern times
Effa Manley of Newark Eagles
First owner of a pro sport team
Ann Myers
First oa to sig a four year sholarship ad get a otrat  a e’s tea
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Billie Jean King vs bobby
Battle of the sexes tennis
Judy Sweet and Christine Grant
Sweet first female AD and UCSD
Implementing title IX
Women in sport
Importance of Women in SPM
Women making an impact in the current sport industry
Kim Ng
Heidi Uberroth
Lesa France Kennedy
Stephanie Tolleson
Sport management as an academic field
More than 350 programs internationally
North American Society for Sport Management: to create curricular standards
Management in Sport organizations
Goal of Management
To coordinate the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objective by using
available resources efficiently and effectively
Types of Resources
Physical Resource
A venue, equipment
Financial resource
Revenue, debt
Human resource
Players, managers, expertise
Organizational resource
History, culture
Functional Aeras of SPM sport managers must perform in a number of functional areas
and executive
Defining organizational goals and determining the appropriate means by which
to achieve these goals
Setting a course of action to sport organizations
Vision a statement of where business is going, long-term view and
concentrates on the future (what we want to do in the future)
Past tense
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find more resources at
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