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Lecture 2

SPM 325 Lecture 2: SPM 1:22

3 pages52 viewsSpring 2018

Sport Management
Course Code
SPM 325
Dennis Deninger

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SPM 325!
I. The Sports Experience!
II. The Nature of Sport!
A. Expression of our humanity!
1. intangible, experiential, subjective!
B. Strong personal, emotional identification!
1. passions drive behaviors!
2. consumers become “experts”!
C. Sport is almost always a social activity!
D. It’s unpredictable and inconsistent!
E. Sports is a “performance based” product!
1. outcomes aren't controlled by marketers!
III. Sport at its Core!
A. The game form!
1. rules and technique !
B. Players and participants!
1. managers, coaches, umpires, referees!
C. Equipment and specialized apparel!
D. Venue!
IV. The Sport Product!
A. Competition, serious but it is “play”!
B. Regulated by special rules!
C. Separated from “normal” space and time!
D. Special facilities and equipment!
E. Physical prowess and training required!
F. Stars who attract and old our attention!
V. Sport is a Complex Package!
A. Combines the tangible and intangible!
B. TV’s last frontier of reality!
C. Sport is produced and consumed simultaneously!
D. The game is only part of an integrated experience!
VI. Sports “Passion Drivers”!
A. Active Appreciation!
1. base on personal participation!
B. Love of the Game!
1. loved the sport since childhood!
C. Player Anity!
1. human connections with or identify with players!
D. Talk and Socializing!
1. sports fosters social interaction!
E. All consuming!
1. ability of events to draw you in !
F. Nostalgia!
1. history and personal memories!
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