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Lecture 5

SPM 325 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Reputation Management, Popular 1 Magazine, Byrsonima Crassifolia

2 pages65 viewsSpring 2018

Sport Management
Course Code
SPM 325
Dennis Deninger

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SPM 325!
I. Job Responsibilities !
A. Media relations!
1. publicist and spokesperson!
a) manage media at events!
B. Cultivate publicity !
C. Website content creation and management!
D. Create publications (print and electronic)!
E. Social Media outreach!
F. Video and digital imaging!
G. Manage statistical services!
H. Corporate, Investor and Government relations!
I. Internal communication!
II. Entry level attributes!
A. Good writer!
B. Present yourself well, COMMUNICATE!
C. Problem solver!
D. Detailed, ultra professional!
E. Be persuasive!
F. Strong work ethic!
G. Intense over-achiever!
H. Pro-active, follow up on leads!
I. Always suggest the next step!
III. Job Requirements!
A. Honest, Integrity, Intelligence!
B. Curiosity!
C. Well-read student of the business!
D. Confident, clear and convincing !
E. Good at multi-tasking!
F. High energy level!
G. Willing to make sacrifices !
IV. A Resource for Reporters!
A. Provide access to relevant info!
1. stats, schedules, bios, history, video!
B. Coordinate the announcements of changes and new initiatives !
C. Answer the “why’s and wherefores”!
D. Fill in the blanks and “connect the dots”!
E. Put news in context !
V. League Communications Department!
A. Increase the relevance of the league, make it more popular!
1. Requires a “sales mentality”!
B. Serve as Strategic Public Relations counsel!
1. Advice member clubs, league marketing and finance departments, broadcast
partners and other soccer organizations!
C. Reputation management/ crisis communications!
1. Present a positive image to all league stakeholders!
2. Monitor social media!
3. In crisis, identify issues, prepare talking points, influence stories!
D. Sports Information Management!
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