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Syracuse University
TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler December 3, 2013 Julia Potts BritishAnimator Screened worldwide My entire life up til now - used to eat own hair - I decided to be an animator +Hybrid animals in love with each other - I spent first few years making crap I thought others wanted to see - thesis project about “Crushes”--> first time I was excited about a film, I was interested • “My First Crush” - interviewed 80 people - about animals highlights the humor +“but why is it animated?” what does animation bring to the table? - Put online and became a youtube hit After graduation - I got anAmerican apparel job and did video on the side - Music videos - Sold prints, which became a means of support - Casso Pictures picks her up +Christmas card (Potts parents) - The Decemberists wanted a 20 min piece - Toyota calls +DrewArthur “My Toyota” commercial - Sketchbook illustration, scanned pencil - Live action film = big inspiration +love and gore +romantic commedies - literature, e.g. J.D. Salinger - 90s animation and early disney +what you think you could do with you body - the internet - illustration - E.T. merchandise Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler • Royal College ofArt - finish animation - Howard - I mostly work autobiographically -Another twenty minute visuals piece - Belly an attempt to shove in everything I never did before, a lot of breakdowns, but learned lots +childhood
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