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TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler 10-22-2013 Light Speed Film History Prof. Alex Mendez - To summarize the history of film is an impossible task - “Sense of History” +history vs story, the same word +the story of film > linear history - filmmaking developed everywhere at the same time - film is a modern invention • Are we moderns? Immanuel Kant, the idea of freedom - + humans arrive at a level of adulthood that entails responsibility + Kant himself never left his home town - George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, man overcomes obstacles - loss of the feudal system mid 1800s + safety, food and hygiene become staples • What Happened to History? a progression, better everyday? - ➡ fire discovered ➡ industrial revolution, factories ➡ Penicillin discovered 1928, medicine improves ➡ WWII,Axis vsAllies ➡ Atom Bomb - The atom bomb derails history ✴ Film = entertainment - The perfect art, moving media • Where was Film Born? - TAEdison, New Jersey - Lumiere Brothers, Paris - Louis Le Prince, Leeds + after making first moving picture ever, gets on a train and disappears • Born Under the Circus Tent, Raised Near the Bar - an art of oddities, the people’s art magic lantern - - from out of nowhere to becomes the defining art of our times. • Both a Mirror and a Hammer - Edison’s “The Kiss” Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler - Lumiere’s “Workers Leaving Factory - Film starts as slice of live, movement shots + grasping reality, documentary-like - George Melies, magician, special tricks + father of narrative • Creation
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