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Syracuse University
TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler 9-1-13 Tom Sherman- Transmedia Dept Head on Nine Lives of Video Art Atechnological history of video art: (rounded) 1820-30 photography Emerges 1870s invention of telephone,A. G. Bell 1880 first film, Lumiere 1891 first Kodaik Camera 1910 first radio broadcast 1920s commonplace uses of photography 1928 first TV broadcast 1940 TV is a phenomena 1950s computers 1960 color TV 1975 second wave feminist movement 1981 first PC (and MTV) • Video: the visual component of TV • Television: an artifice of social conformity -one to many, originally as TV decentralizes, authorship is distributed - -instant replay: video signals are sent at “real time;” feedback • cinema: staged, unlike instantaneous video; 24p audio: what video is to image, audio is to sound • -video is first paired with sound ★ portapak: 1960s, a one-man, battery powered, self- contained, film camera -reel-to-reel technology, unweildy ★ cassette technology: VHS, 1/2 analog Death of Video -semantics of video; global access leads to downfall • Cisco Systems, Inc.: server markets -gl
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