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Syracuse University
TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler Desolate Fronteirs in the Films of John Carpenter Kendall R. Phillips, Ph.D. Communication & Rhetorical Studies Syracuse University • Not anArtist - ended up in a class by pure chance • “Shuttle, protest appear at Oscars” - Why would you protest a film? Films have been protested in 1890s - Controversial cinema - book written to examine why films are offensive - horror is most noted film to receive protests Projected fears - book on why we watch something unpleasant, horror - aspects ofAmerican culture are transmuted for us - become meaningful - 1930s and Great Depression constistutes first golden age of horro - 1931 Dracula appears, worst era Dark Directions - three directors helped shape the second golden age of horror - George Romero (starts the trend), Wes Craven (continual success) and John Carpenter (a likely star derailed by end of era) - today’s horrors are almost all remakes of their blueprint - 1968-1982, from Night of the Living Dead (Romero) to The Thing (Carpenter) - Speilberg’s ET is a boom, The Thing is a bust • John Carpenter - geography of horror, isolated people, on the edge - a maker of Westerns? - re-workings of the frontier, social order vs repressed desire - the frontier drivesAmerican ideology, also embodies many fears - gothic frontier, eg Sleepy Hollow - cowboy hero Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler
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