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Syracuse University
TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 152 Susannah Sayler January 28, 2014 ERIC GOTTESMAN -->has malaria - works with cultural members to create exhibits - young photographer, political background ETHIOPIA2000-2012 - went to Ethiopia through school • Africa and Starvation - the continent’s projected image is almost entirely neg - “facelessness” is exploitive - US’s image is of a hero • 15 years in Ethiopia - looked at people’s personal archives - camera’s had been banned by the previous regime +only studio portraits were allowed +a different photographic language - images reunited and connected individuals • 2000 set of images - created onAIDS and HIV - normal active lives shown, but face obscured +pos/neg film polariods +the diseases were stigmas, something to hide - 2000-2002 exhibit opens +first public HIV exhibit • 2003-04 Sudden Flowers is begun - children were taught to photograph - photos of their pasts and futures +“fiction” methods to tell their lives • 2006 Coffee Ceremony - traveling exhibition launched - the installation mimics “3 cups” traditional tea - mesh displays for the images - photography displayed in public space was novel - audience members were asked to be photoed • Passport style photos - taken of audience, then used to create a map OROMAYE by BAALU GRIMA - banned book, assassinated author - Eric translated the novel to English +accompanied by photos - creative rise exists for artists today Transmedia 152 Susannah Sayler LEBANON 2006-2012 - Lebanese mother - photographed rubble - asked members of the community to map the village, pre-war - photo=way to recapture that which is lost LABRADOR, CANADA • indigenous community, assimilat
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