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TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 152 Susannah Sayler February 11, 2014 DIGITALART by Christiane Paul - Fluxus, Dada,Avant Garde, conceptualArt - audience participation vs art as “unified object” ✴ Marcel Duchamp - “Ready mades,” e.g. The Urinal ✴ Yoko Ono, conceptual artist ✴ Sol LeWitt, instructions on how to pain John Cage, 4’33” ✴ • Experiments inArt & Technology (E.A.T) - Billy Kluver, Fred Walghaver, Robert Rauschenberg, Alfons Schilling Artist Phoenix Perry - media design & digital data - advocacy work • How I got here - as a child obsessed with unknown +space, seemings - my mission=looking for the exceptional - impoverished Southern childhood • computers and programming - encountered at an early age - “into the desert” I have experimented w/ many new technologies • Online gamin 1989 - traveled to UK (with hackers) - Virtual reality worlds - San Fran, engineer tech during DotCom boom +rich and famous off internet - worked self to death, debilitating carpal tunnel • Carpal Tunnel - destroyed life & interfacing abilities • The Shadow of Digital Living - began making glitch art - energy at the core - first big art release • Nixar Hacking Community, Reline Series - the people you surroung y
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