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Lecture 3

ATMO 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Convective Available Potential Energy, British Thermal Unit, Kinetic Energy

Atmospheric Sciences
Course Code
ATMO 201
Timothy Logan

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Lecture 3
Tuesday, January 24, 2017
3:51 PM
Gay-Lussac's Law
At constant volume, the pressure is directly proportional to the temperature
o As the temperature increases, the pressure increases
o As the temperature decreases, the pressure decreases
Hydrologic Cycle
Occurs on the order of weeks (above ground)
o Precipitation, evaporation, condensation, ground water, runoff
Convection - vertical transport of "stuff"
o Rain
Advection - horizontal transport of "stuff"
o Ex: wind and air
Read pg. 13-19
Questions 10-15 on pg. 32
Scales of the Atmosphere
Small scale feature such as eddies, dust, devils, thermals
o Microscale
Medium sized features such as thunderstorms, rain events, lake effect snow
o Mesoscale
Large scale features such as fronts, air masses, hurricanes, ridges, and
o Macroscale
CH 2
Concept of Energy - Work
Work - moving a force over some distance
o W = F x d
Units of Joule (j) or foot - pound (ft-lb)
That force can be any type
o Weight (m x g) or dynamic (m x a)
"d" can be positive or negative
Work is cumulative
o You actually do little physical work in life
Examples of physical and atmospheric work
o Lifting weights
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