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Lecture 12

ATMO 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Precipitation Types, Monsoon Of South Asia, Rain Gauge

Atmospheric Sciences
Course Code
ATMO 201
Timothy Logan

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Lecture 12
Thursday, March 2, 2017
4:04 PM
Snow making it rain
Falling ice crystal leads to accretion of ice/SCLW (graupel)
Fractured falling ice crystals can lead to aggregation
Height of freezing level dictates either snow or rain
When ice falls, it shatters but then they combine into a snowflake (always in
a 6 sided figure)
Precipitation Types
Rain - hydrometeors in liquid form (>0.5mm) anything lower is considered
Two types:
o Stratiform rain - continuous event (several hours to months)
o Convective rain - short, intense event (less than a half hour)
Rain gauge - minimum detection of 0.01 inch
o Accumulation
o Weighing
o Tipping bucket
Stratiform Rain
Rainforest and wet monsoon precipitation
Pacificnorthwest and Asian Monsoon (stratiform because it lasts for a long
Convective Rain
Severe weather
Strange Precipitation types
Colored rain
o Atmospheric pollutants can enter cloud and exit during strong
precipitation events
o Smoke, dust, animals
Acid Rain
o Serious issues during the latter part of 20th century
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