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Lecture 15

ATMO 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Planetary Boundary Layer, Asteroid Family, Coriolis Force

Atmospheric Sciences
Course Code
ATMO 201
Timothy Logan

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Lecture 15
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
3:58 PM
Low on top of a low and high on top of a high does not work because they annihilate each other.
***upcoming homework question
The Four Forcemen of Weather
Pressure gradient force (PGF)
oCauses wind
oThere is a lower amount of air molecules in a low, so the molecules
go from a high to a low to balance it out
oPressure always go out from a high
Coriolis force
oFake or apparent force caused by rotation
oBalances PGF
oIts not a real force
oWinds blow from high pressure to low pressure
oApparent force that deflects path of an object in motion due to
rotation of the Earth
oEarth spins counterclockwise
oNorthern hemisphere - deflection is to the right
oSouthern hemisphere - deflection is to the left
oCoriolis force is:
Maximum at the poles and zero at the equator
Object at pole "rotates" quicker than an object at
Think back to trigonometry - sin (0) = 0 and sin (90)=1
Southern hemisphere - latitude is negative
Proportional to the wind speed -- the faster the winds; the
larger the deflection due to Coriolis
Centripetal (centrifugal) force
oNew inward (outward) acceleration of an object
oCentrifugal force is fake but is analogous to Third law
oEXAMPLE: the pen on a string. Its stays swinging in a circle because
the string is "pulling" on the pen to stay in a circle motion.
oForce that retards motion and balances centripetal force
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