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Lecture 6

BIMS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Chorionic Villus Sampling, Ion Laser, Flow Cytometry

Biomedical Science
Course Code
BIMS 201
Elizabeth A.Crouch

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Chapter 20 Notes
Genetic Counseling
Figure 20.2 (ppt)
Genetic counselors=own entity separate from medical practice, but have office in
o Interpret test results
o Main communicator
o Genetic vs. biochem. test
Genetic: tells you what you could have
Can have gene w/o EXP it
Biohe.: tells ou hat ou atuall hae; eatl hat’s goig o
If ou’e EXP it
Amniocentesis: looking @ fetal cells that have been shed off
o Usually not for single-gene tests (would have to PCR it)
o Down Syndrome, other trisomies, deletions (Fragile X), duplications,
translocations, etc.
Chorionic villus sampling: @ 10 weeks
o Testing for same things as amniocentesis
Mateal lood da: isolatig fetal ells fo othe’s lood stea
o Expensive
o Circulating fetal cells autoimmune diseases after pregnancy
o Use flow cytometer: sorts cells
Tag cells w/fluorescent antibodies, run them past argon laser, excites
cell=changes charge of molec., cells are drawn to certain plates=separate
them out cell by cell
Can separate male and female sperm
Ultrasonography: less invasive
o 4D imaging available
looking for heart-valve defect
something severe enough to have NICU on call during birth
Robertsonian carriers: have lost p arms (redundant, so okay to not have), have q arms
o Only 45 chromosomes
Know Table 20.1 for exam!
Karyotype rescue: newer
o PCR trophoblast cells that shed off and check for microduplications (things that
ae’t as oious
Newborn screening:
o Ba’s heel=piked @ ith ad 2 eeks late
Need about 15 drops of blood for chromatography paper
o PKU: very commonly carried; 1 in 4000 births in individuals of Irish descent
Carriers: process some of organic toxins in potatoes=hybrid vigor
Can react negatively if you overload your system
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