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Lecture 1

BIMS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Web3D, Nuclear Lamina, Transmembrane Protein

Biomedical Science
Course Code
BIMS 201
Elizabeth A.Crouch

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Chapter 2 Notes: Cells
Homologs=same gene in same order
o Alleles do’t hae to ath
Stem cells: least differentiated; produce 2 stem cells when divide (1 remains stem cell
and other goes under differentiation pathway into other form)
o T-cell sticks around for about 4 months
o Ree WBC’s
o Reproduce themselves and 1 gets differentiated
Tissue: only 4 types
o CT: blood, cartilage, bone, tendons/ligaments
Major macromolecs.:
o Carbs.: sugars
o Lipids: fat-soluble hormones, testosterone
Store energy fats
Body needs a little bit of cholesterol and it makes it
Organelles: keeps biochemical pathways working in timely fashion w/specific locations
w/in cell
Nucleolus: where RNA (specifically rRNA) production occurs
o Chromosomes: 13, 14, 15, 21, 22
Acrocentric chromosomes in rosette (10 total, 2 of each of the 5)
rRNA genes=present on p arms
nuclear lamina looks like woven basket/spider web/3D goes thru nucleus when stained
o anchor
o chromosomes attached to it
o has everything to do w/fidelity and division of chromosomes (mitosis)
o mutations can occur here=progeria
blebs=lumps and bumps
not high fidelity during cell division in chromosome # mutations and
loss of tissue/genes/chromosomes rapid aging
o Rough: protein production on ribosomes
o Smooth
o Contiguous w/nuclear membrane
mRNA from nucleus ER attached to ribosome made into protein
o protein w/polarity (transmembrane protein): part on outside of cell extrudes
into outside of ER and part inside plasma membrane stays on inside of matrix of
as buds into Golgi and melded thru, no flipping around has to occur
o free-standing ribosomes produce diff. proteins than ribosomes attached to
rough ER
Golgi: produces transport vesicles plasma membrane and lysosomes
o -transport vesicles bud off Golgi
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