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Lecture 3

BIMS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Influenza Vaccine, Thyroid, Epiphyseal Plate

Biomedical Science
Course Code
BIMS 201
Elizabeth A.Crouch

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FOP Discussion
General Questions
Clinical considerations
o Vaiatios: a’t gie itrausular (IM) injection
o Susceptible by death to flu (flu shot)
Sub-deral flu shot do’t hit usle, ut get as deep as possile
o Viral infections can cause flare ups and bone growth in chest wall
Severe respiratory distress
Daily problems of adults
o Any fall (ex: bathtub) can cause flare ups generation of bone
o Mobility issues (wheelchair-bound)
Rehab strategies:
o Expansion of Medicaid: can request house-help w/funding and waivers for in-
home care
o Automatic wheelchair
o Dental hygiene: taking care of teeth (jaws can lock-up)
Tooth surgeries difficult bc ossification
o Ca’t do IM ijetio for aesthesia
o Ca’t ituate orally if too much bone growth in neck (have to go thru nose)
Retinoic Acid Receptor Gamma
o Endoderm formation thyroid gland, thymus, lungs, pancreas, and upstream of
Hox pathways
Anterior, posterior boundaries and skeletal dev.
o Treat cells that have skeletogenic potential: DEC bone morphogenic protein
o Side effects: irreversible-can attack healthy cells (difficult healing broken bone if
have affected chondrocytes-make bone)
Children: affecting growth plates?
Control by intermittent treatment
Antisense oligonucleotide (string of nucleotides)
o Short single stranded RNA binds to pre-mRNA and blocks access of spliceosome,
so exon/intron splicing is altered and blocks production of mature mRNA and
blocks exon 7/8 splicing and downregulates ALK2 mRNA, impairs BMP signaling
o Advantages:
Easier than siRNA bc single-stranded (easier uptake and inject subQ)
Do’t hae to tailor y patiet/orry aout > speifi types of targetig
Do’t hae to orry aout it sileig aythig else bc not a lot of cross
o Disadvantages:
can be easily degraded bc very small strand
can mismatch w/pre-mRNA (making it < effective)
can mismatch w/wrong exon
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