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Lecture 7

BIMS 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Cutaneous Condition, Erythema, Papule

Biomedical Science
Course Code
BIMS 201
Elizabeth A.Crouch

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Ears-infiltration, nodularity.
Oral cavity- infiltration of lips, gums swollen and bleed easily, upper and lateral incisors may loosen
nodularity and perforation of hard palate, uvula destroyed, infiltration and nodularity of toungue.
Hair- scalp hair remains normal. leprous alopecia- (residual hair in bands along the arterial course in
advanced leprosy)
Testes- orchitis(type 2 reaction), atrophy (LL)
Nails-thinning, ridging, curved.
1. Type of lesion:
Macule /patch / papule /plaque / nodule/ diffuse infiltration
Nodule Number / size/ rounded, oval / well circumscribed, diffuse/ adherent & immovable, non
adherent & fixed to sub cutes / location / ulcerated or not / appear in normal skin or a patch or
plaque / overlying skin erythematous or not / tender or non tender.
Diffuse infiltration site / localized or generalized / shiny, velvety/ Peau d’orange skin
Indeterminate- flat macules.
LL Hansen- macules, patches, plaques, papules, nodules, diffuse infiltration.
TT Hansen & borderline macules patches and plaques.
2. Number of lesions:
1 to 3, <10, <20, numerous but countable, numerous uncountable.
Indeterminate- variable,
Tuberculoid- 1 to 3.
Lepromatous- plaques and macules numerous and uncountable.
Nodules- variable.
BT- <10.
BB- Numerous and countable,
BL- Numerous and uncountable.
3. Colour of lesion:
Hypopigmented / erythematous / hyperpigmented / copper color
4. Margin of lesions:
Well defined, ill-defined / irregular, regular.
Indeterminate-vague and indefinite.
LL- merging imperceptibly with surrounding skin.
BT- well defined and irregular.(some areas well defined: some areas ill defined)
BB and BL- Ill defined
BB- irregular border and geographic appearance
5. Surface:
Smooth, rough/ dry, moist / scaly, non scaly / shiny, non shiny.
Indeterminate- smooth, even and not dry.
TT- irregular, rough, dry and pebbly.
LL- smooth, shiny , moist.
BT- dryness, pebbling, scaling
BB- slightly shiny , not dry.
BL- shiny.
6. Size:
Indeterminate- small 1-5 cm
TT variable (no limit for size) 1 cm to 30 cm size.
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